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Name: Player
Aliases: y4uTeJIb_XuMuu
Last Seen: 13-10-2018 16:09
IP Address:
IP Type: Dynamic
Other IP's:
Ban On Sight
Appeal Information:
- No Appeal Filed
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Violations: Disrespect, Non English, Rambo Gameplay, Shooting Unauthorised, Misbehaviour
Servers: Sog-team Custom, Sog-team VIP, Sog-team COOP, Sog-team COOP TSS
Witnesses: Selena
Duty Admins: Spec
Actions Taken: Warned, Admin Kicked

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Added by: Spec
Entry Date: 2018-02-17
Change Log: Inserted: 2018-02-17 10:10:15 : Spec
Manual Update: (Notes, Pro Status) 2018-02-17 10:18:39 : Spec
          Update Reason: Added Image (I hope)
Manual Update: (Status) 2018-02-17 22:34:27 : sander
          Update Reason: As there is a lack of evidence updated the report to kick on site.
Manual Update: (Games, Status) 2018-04-11 05:35:08 : Wes
          Update Reason: No proof of the deed
Servers Log Update: 2018-04-29 00:13:35 : Matt
Servers Log Update: 2018-06-16 19:19:06 : KeeRIeS
Servers Log Update: 2018-07-07 14:28:48 : KeeRIeS
Manual Update: (Violations, Status, Aliases, Other IPs) 2018-08-03 23:14:20 : Matt
          Update Reason: upgraded due to more violations
Servers Log Update: 2018-08-04 01:01:23 : Matt
Manual Update: (Status, Aliases, Other IPs) 2018-09-12 23:13:14 : Matt
          Update Reason: upg
Manual Update: (Status, Aliases, Other IPs) 2018-09-12 23:13:31 : Matt
          Update Reason: upg
Servers Log Update: 2018-10-13 21:01:29 : KeeRIeS