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Can I become an admin of your servers?
Yes, but only clan members are permitted to be admins of our servers. The admin rights are automatically granted on a successful trial period, after applying to join our team. All admin actions on our servers are logged and regularly reviewed. Should the management feel a member does not use the admin rights according to our expectations, we shall decide whether additional training is needed, or the rights revoked.

You'd like to join Special Operations Group?

Thank you for your interest in joining our community.

There are a few practical requirements, that we ask our members and applicants to meet.

In addition to the games you'd like to play with us, you'll need Discord to communicate with us.

Like any community, it can only work if the people in the community are active and contribute in a positive way. Therefore, these are things we'd expect from you, when applying:

  • We'd like to see you often, both ingame, Discord and on forums.
  • We will absolutely not tolerate a lack of respect for other people.
  • We will expect, that you always follow the applicable rules of SOG.

If the idea of joining SOG still appeals to you, feel free to apply using the link below

Apply Here

The (brief version of the) History of SOG

In 2006, three members of a SWAT 4 clan, |NCO|, left the clan to establish a new clan. The new clan, |SOG|, was focused on mature and fair behavior, combined with tactical and a more realistic gameplay style.

This rather different approach to playing a game that is at its core a first person shooter, was fairly uncommon. The rules of the clan reflected this - for example "rushing" was forbidden, since in real life you wouldn't ever run through a building filled with armed suspects. Effective admining dealt with the many players who played SWAT 4 like they played any other first person shooter, and what was left was a very different and much more intense experience.

This experience, and the friendly and tight-knit community that was in and around SOG, made for a clan that was unusually successful, considering its base primarily on an already aging game. The clan itself peaked at over 40 active members, and the community were made up by over 300 regularly active and very busy users posting tens of thousands of posts on topics of any nature.

The clan occasionally supported other games as well, such as Arma II. All the while maintaining the tactical focus and the friendly attitude. It also continued its development with rare features like an in-game adminbot, who would make it much easier to enforce SOGs rules in servers.

In 2012, the website and game servers of SOG were closed, due to a combination of lack of financial donations and busy schedules that ensued as the management of the clan were faced with the demands of adult life.

The website was brought back online, initially meant as a chance at a reunion, in January 2018. Within two days, many past users came back and a Discord server, Steam group and game servers for SWAT 4 was reestablished. Obviously, it wasn't possible to reach every past member, but a surprinsingly high number was posting back (re)introductions to let everyone know how they were doing, and many even joined back in as members of the community.

The motto of SOG is that of the British Special Air Service (SAS); "Who dares, wins".

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