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Hi all

I'm sorry I was a little bit non active, but I can explain it. You all need to know something about me for example what I was doing in this long term since Matt restored the SOG. I worked as a sport yournalist for a polish sports portal. I wrote about many things, but my specialization was Cycling. I'm felt in Love with that discipline. I works hard and wrote many topics about Vuelta, classics, Tour de France and many more. Spoke with many profi cycling specialists like for example Sacha Modolo, Michał Gołas, former champ Michał Kwiatkowski or Mikel Landa. I received an yournalist accreditation for the most important World Tour race in Poland - Tour de Pologne. I was so proud to works there.

I told you about it, because since few months I started to play PCM 17 Pro Cycling Manager 17. I could say this is amazing game for a ppl like me (ppl who really love ride on profi bike and cycling) We don't play sports games very often, but in this case I will change some SOG view. When you play that game for the first time, you already will start thinking about EA's FIFA. It's looks like almost the same especially when you edit your own profile and try to create your own kicker or manage the team. In PCM you can choose all profi riders signed in UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) all teams licensed by UCI from Continental to the most prestige World Tour. You can also download the hole databases from STEAM Workshop where you can find original names, stars or teams from the past or even create you as a rider !
The game often more. For example you can ride at Tour de France (pay attention) only if you are a member or you working for World Tours teams or when your pro continental team will receive official welcome from the organisators. You can ride hole season, if you are good you will receive an invitation to national team and you can also manage the hole team. Reality in game is almost astonish. For example your team and you riding in a Tour of Britain and in the same way hard rain assaulted the pack (peloton). Believe me or not but you can also fall on the road, you shirt in two minutes will be total wet and white t-shirt will change colour to grey. When I played the game for the first time, I thought my rider will really catch some cold or any other diseases. Amazing ! Stages and their profiles were edited like in reality and graphics has a good level. Multiplayer offering game in some levels of action for example control your team, your own rider, play on the track.
I can't be a good member of SOG if I will not say about a tactics. You can choose many of them. For example you can decide, who will protect the leader, when you will start catch breakaway, or to allow them to ride You can choose a a teammate who will go back and take bidons or work in a front of a group. You can also send one of them into breakaway.
It's good to see say sth about the stamina and specializations. In the game You will start season in January and you will decide what races or tours will be your priority assignments. For example you can choose 3 different terms one for example Tour of Oman in January second Amstel Gold Race in Aprill, third for example World Championships. After doing it, the game will create trening program especially for you. In this case you will have the best form in January, Aprill and half of September. In the same way you will never receive good form in any other terms. For example you will lost much more power on Giro or Tour de France and never go with good score in a general classifications. So you need to choose wisely. Riders has like in the reality the same specializations. For example you can choose your rider as a climber, sprinter, puncher, time trial specialist or many more. Each of them has special charakteristic an must be train in training sessions. When you will decide to train climber specialization, you will also receive a time trial points,but when you start train fo example recovery or stamina you will lost point from time trial, hills and mountains. So this is another resaon to choose wisely and think what are you going to do ?

In the end I need to say... this game astonished me a lot and I could prefer it for everyone.

As a SOG member I swear !

Be always fair to the Mates, plays with tactic, never insult anyone. Protect SOG rules and Law !

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